Citizenrights-by Gian-Luca Hottenbacher,Thorben Kleffmann, Felix Hüppe und Lennard Urspruch

17 Mar Citizenrights-by Gian-Luca Hottenbacher,Thorben Kleffmann, Felix Hüppe und Lennard Urspruch

Rights of refugees We enjoyed occupying with this topic and to expand our knowledge about rights and refugees. It was more difficult then we thought at the beginning to find a honest, open and approachable refugee who is willing to answer us our questions because as you know many refugees are shy and reluctant. It failed at some parts in our interview at the communication because there was no language, both groups can fluently understand and speak. But there was no problem because our interview partner was funny and kind. If we hadn`t know already that he is a refugee we would not have noticed that he is one, especially because he and the most other refugees adapt and settled really quick into the community here in germany. There we want to insert: Behind this acted or real happiness and satisfaction there is more behind, sadness , horrible experiences, maybe losses and a hard journey. At some parts it was difficult for Kareem to answer and that with good reason. Although he wasn`t torture or hs family killed he had survived a horrible time and he is really glad to be in germany. Often he mentioned that he is really lucky to be safe and free now. And for us it`s unbelieveable what he and thousand other had to go through. We as the interviewers didn`t realize how painful it is to escape and to leave your normal enviroment. For us everything that happens in our daily life is normal and self-evident. And that in our opinion is the problem these humans lost probably everything, although there money because they spended it all for their journey we swim in the welth, we have luxury poblems. We want to have the best clothes and refugees they want any clothes. It`s the same at rights: We get used to the things we want to do, we believe in what we want to believe, to practice the work we want to practice and to love the person we want to love. We unlearned to cherish this great privilege. We don`t kow what the charta is, we don`t know what it includes and for us our rights are natural and we life our rights in our everyday life without making any sorrows about it. While in Syria or other war zones people get tortured and killed because of their religion. Religion means philosophical believe system and this worldview is free and every human can choose it for hisself the way he wants and without any compulsion. Another example would be the right of education mostly we grump about this school what we can understand naturally but we can enjoy this privilege, to educate ourself and to choose the job we want do do that is not normality in many countries. Kareem told us that in Syria hadn`t been different ways of education and that the school in Syria wasn`t that funny as here in Germany therefore the teachers hadn`t been that friendly as they are here. Rights like fair working conditions, working liberty and the right to vote don`t concern Kareem yet. But we could talk with him about the privacy sphere and appropiate living place because these two points are basic problems of war and religion refugees. Kareem hadn`t any privacy sphere in Syria and although not enough place for him and his family, same problem in the refugee hostels here in Germany. Not until later in his own apartment he had his privacy sphere and an appropiate, pleasant, human and number of square meters. He told us that in his home town there was no electricity, no water not to mention clear water and around his town there was everywhere the IS. As he told us this facts we were really upset and frightened and we realized again how unhuman the conditons were. All that is in our opinion an absurdity but unfortunetly we can not change the situation locally. To embezzle a human the most important basic rights like freedom and safety, to beat his opinion out of his mind and to impose an other religion or opinion, to forbid somebody a normal acting because it doesn`t match to what in you believe. All these points are like we think inhuman and should be forbidden. Finally we would say that it was really exciting to deal with this topic and to think about it and discuss it. Although we interviewed just one refugee we had fun and the impressions and thoughts from the answer of the refugee made us thoughtful. We are really thankful for the way Kareem answered our questions in a honest and open way. We wished to discuss a bit more about this topic because it`s predestined to discuss, also critical. We would like to do a project like this again perhaps more focussed on special rights and sections of rights for example religion or discrimination. All in all we can say surely it was fun to expose with the topic rights in the refugees life. Therefore the refugees opened us at some parts with his negative answers our eyes. Sumarizing we can say as our conclusion that we are glad to have our basic rights and don`t have to be afraid of loosing them and get treated corruptly.

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