Claim your rights competition

Human rights are our rights. Too often though people don’t know about their rights, their rights are not protected or there are new areas of life where there is currently no human rights protection.

As young people you are the next generation responsible for ensuring that human rights protections are not only respected but that they are extended.

That’s why we want to challenge you. Challenge you to think of how we can better protect – and extend – our human and citizenship rights in Europe and create a plan or carry out an action that does just that!

The winner of the competition

We selected the winner for our “Claim Your Rights!” competition!
The submission from the school Matei Basarab in Romania has indeed been declared the winner.

As foreseen in the description of the call for submission, European Alternatives invited the winner to attend the last workshop of the CREATE I REACT programme, organised in Brussels and dealing with advocacy strategies towards European institutions, citizen lobbying and other tools at the European level.

A representative from Matei Basarab had the chance to present the school project in front of the attendees and the speakers to the workshop, who were both activists as well as representatives of several organisations based in the European capital.

If you click on the following link you can browse through the different submissions we received (refer to the category “competition”).
If the one or the other submission inspires you, please leave a comment and/or write us to

The Challenge

Form a team, either in your class, school, or among your friends. Each team should think about a project to:

  • communicate to people about their rights
  • to protect rights in your community or
  • how rights protection can be extended in Europe as a whole

How can you get your own family, other students in your school or perhaps even your local government to care about human and citizenship rights? What could we do to claim our rights?

Test your ideas out, speak to other people and see what they think and send your idea or project for how to claim your rights in to us!



Possible questions to think about:

  • Is there a certain field of rights that are important to you, your friends or your community? Does everybody have the same rights? How are they protected?
  • How could you make sure they are (better) protected?
  • What happens if someone attacks/neglects these rights?
  • How could you reach as many people as possible to raise awareness about a certain attack against rights?
  • How would a world with equal citizen rights for all look like?
  • How would a world with no rights protection look like?
  • Why do many people not care about the right’s protection of others? How can we change that?
  • In which area do you think we should extend existing rights? How would you persuade people and politicians to support it?


What should we submit?
How you submit the idea is open! It could be in the form of a video, audio recording, photo, drawing, Instagram challenge or whatever comes to your mind.

Who can apply?
Anyone living in the EU and between the ages of 14 – 25.

The new deadline for submission 20 January 2016 at 00:00 CET.

What happens then?
All entries will be uploaded onto the Citizen Rights website so you can see ideas from across Europe.

A jury will assess the entries and select the most intriguing, inspiring and exciting idea that could really change how we approach rights protection. The winner will be invited to present the idea in Brussels.

How do I enter?
Just send your entry to us at citizenrights[at] with:

  • Name or team name
  • Names of team members and ages
  • The place or places you are applying from
  • Your idea or documentation of your action attached (in whatever form you’d like to explain your project)

Check out the Citizen Rights’ student space


Deadline: 20 January 2016

00:00 CET

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