Elvira Buijink

Elvira Buijink

Elvira Buijink, Communications & Media Officer at the European Women’s Lobby (EWL), the largest network of women’s non-governmental associations in Europe. We work together at European and national level to achieve equality between women and men in all areas of public and private life. We raise and tackle issues of economic and social justice and independence for women. We campaign for the equal representation of women and men in decision-making and struggle together for women’s human rights including the eradication of male violence against women.

My work covers the coordination of the collective feminist voice in all EWL internal and external communications, including contacts with the press, the EWL website, social media and the graphic design of publications and informational materials. I am a volunteer at the Belgian film festival Elles Tournent, which supports movies made by women directors.  To me, culture, books, cinema, music, theater play a key role in making change in society and I try to follow-up what is happening in Brussels and around. I hold degrees in Communications and International Politics and previously worked as a project coordinator at a civil society organisation that encourages a better connection between the European Union and its citizens.

Twitter @elvirabui

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