Felipe González Gil

Felipe González Gil

Felipe lives in Sevilla (Spain) and is member of ZEMOS98, an cultural and political initiative which works and researches about free culture, social innovation, new media and informal education. ZEMOS98 has recently coordinated a european project within the context of the Doc Next Network and with the title: “Radical Democracy: Reclaiming the Commons” to foster through media some social struggles related to the Commons from the UK, Turkey, Poland and Spain. Felipe is also a video-activist with more than 50 remixes and video-mashups about the political context in Spain. Felipe is also a Star Wars fan and a proam tennis player.ZEMOS98 is an initiative which works and investigates on contemporary narratives, free culture and social innovation.

ZEMO98 believes in:

  • culture as an element for social transformation and not just as entertainment.
  • education as something which can happen anytime and anywhere.
  • mutual support networks and the social economy.
  • experimentation (on a formal level and also on a content-level).
  • remix as a tool to deconstruct the dominant messages.
  • mediation as a pedagogical tool.
  • media and digital literacy.


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