Hunor Király

Hunor Király

DemNet’s vision is a world based on the responsible and sustainable relationship of self-organised citizens and their communities respecting human dignity. DemNet’s mission is to facilitate and strengthen cooperation and self-organisation processes of community actors. DemNet designs its operation and activities on base of its core values and approaches: transparency, innovation, creativity, locality, and the participatory approach.

DemNet has worked for achieving its mission through:

  • design and implement sustainable grant programmes
  • build capacities of civil society organisations and other community actors
  • promote sustainable financial and operational models
  • empower civil society organisations
  • support grassroots initiatives
  • raise awareness and run information campaigns
  • conduct public advocacy for the realisation of community value of human dignity, responsibility and sustainability.

DemNet has been providing “democracy support “since 1996 with a special focus on civil society development in Hungary and in countries of Western Balkans and Eastern Europe, also expanding its work to Arab Spring countries.

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